Emma Wood Is Killing Me

Is there anything better than watching Dane at mixed up Emma Weed while sipping cannabis infused ginger tea? Makes me want to get on the 101 STAT. But I can’t get off the couch. Fuck.

Pay The Man


Sometimes you need a quiet moment to yourself.  Yes.  Lately,  I’ve been overindulging.  Watching reruns of Frasier on mute.  For whatever reason, I find it soothing.  Here is a comprehensive list of other things I find soothing.  

  1. Hot soup in the early afternoon.  Spoonfuls of tomato basil, clam chowder, or even your classic chicken veggie as the sun is seemingly sucked out of the sky are all I hope for sometimes…often.
  2. Large outdoor fires.
  3. Caeser salads with no chicken.  I intend to have the chicken, rotisserie style, for my entree.
  4. Surfing shoddy waves on a softtop.  I have yet to find any kind of surfing I enjoy more. I also enjoy surfing great waves on a softtop.  So, in conclusion, I enjoy surfing on a softtop. Number four.
  5. Skipping rocks on LSD.
  6. Shedding tears and drinking beers.
  7. TBD

Excited for the next conny in May!  Where is it?