Taj Burrow Announces Retirement

After absolutely ripping his Round 1 heat, Taj joins the Yawn Patrol crowd and announces

I am going to be leaving the tour. I have decided to wrap it up. Fiji will be my last event and I will be done with it. It has been a tough choice and I have been stressing out about it big time. Just about how and when and where to do it but Fiji is my favorite event and I get to celebrate with all my friends and family on tour. It’s going to be my last event so it’s been a wild decision but that’s it.

taj burrow
Legend Taj Burrow Retires

After 19 years on tour while only missing 1 event, Taj is definitely looking forward to kicking back, free surfing, and reading Surf Heater. This seems to signify a changing of the guard following CJ Hobgood’s retirement as well as Freddy Patacchia who retired after scoring a perfect 10 at Trestles

Ya Taj!

Stay with us Kelly



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