Leonardi Fiorovanti: Renaissance Grom

First it was Slater, then De Souza, now Leonardi Fiorovanti took down both Nat Young and Ace Buchan to advance directly to the Quarterfinals. Fiorovanti, hopped up on gelato, is coming off two WQS final appearances and is in line to become the first Italian on tour. Mama Mia this kid is ripping. Not only is he ripping but he held priority from the beginning, not giving an inch to his elders.

The Merman of the Mediterannean

It seems to me he’s got that De Souza approach where he is ruffling feathers right now. The older guard is looking at him going hold on, wait a sec, you shouldn’t be doing that. You should be showing me respect young man. And Leo is saying no way, I’m going to take you guys down. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. -Martin Potter

How Do You Say “Man Turn” In Italian?

In other Round 4 action. Parko, Kolohe, and Seabass also advance directly to the Quarters.

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