Fully Freud


Screenshot (159).png

“Hey Rob.  Rob?  Rob, you there?”

ROB: Is this really who I am?  What did I do to deserve to end up here?  Man, this sucks.  I should try for a comeback, huh.  Yeah. I should.  Fuck, I’m hungry too.  I really need to get better at planning my meals…or my snacks.  Yeah, snacks.  Like, what if I had a little Snack Pack under the desk.  I could just, like, take little spoonfuls whenever they panned to a highlight or something.  Gosh, that sounds so good.  Chocolate…I’d for sure get chocolate.  Er maybe tapioca…tap-eeeee-yocaaa.  That’s a funny word.  Oh fuck, is Mel talking to me?

“Yeah, Mel that was a super sick day of surfing.  I really think the boys brought it today.  Waves were better earlier but sometimes in these middle rounds that’s just the way it goes.  You gotta surf and advance.”

ROB: Whoa.

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