Kelly Slater Wins Teahupoo

Kelly Slater, the WSL’s resident Grandpa, beat out John John Florence in pumping Teahupoo to secure his first victory of the season and the 55th win of his career.finalslater

It was Slater’s day from the get go, putting together a perfect Round 4 heat with two 10’s and gliding endlessly through unmake-able barrels.

As the final minutes counted down, John John could only laugh, watching the best ever, Kelly Slater, take control.

“We are witnessing the fire of the greatest of all time returning to form in all time conditions at Teahupoo, Tahiti” – Ross Williams

This win will sky rocket him on the leaderboard, now occupying the #8 spot, within striking distance of the leader John John. A couple solid results at Trestles, France, Portugal and we could possibly see an insane Pipeline showdown for the #1 spot. Could you imagine a John John/ Slater final at Pipe with Ke12y retiring after? One can dream.

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