Double John goes for the Triple

Nov-21-2016 11-22-56.gif

“What happened?”

“Double John won the Haleiwa Pro, dogg.”

Nov-21-2016 11-24-30.gif

“Yep, that’s right.”

And it was LIT…

Nov-21-2016 11-39-46.gif

Nov-21-2016 11-38-58.gif


Nov-21-2016 11-38-09.gif

Nov-21-2016 11-40-31.gif

There was a lot of this goin on.

Nov-21-2016 11-39-30.gif

“And I was like, you don’t say that.”

Nov-21-2016 11-40-12.gif

Nov-21-2016 11-38-34.gif

Nov-21-2016 11-45-55.gif

Nov-21-2016 11-46-26.gif

“Rat tail.”

Nov-21-2016 11-46-07.gif


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