One Minute Final

A flurry of action in the last minute sees spartan warrior, Michel Bourez, come out on top.  A low scoring final, and strange, but Michel outlasts.

Dec-19-2016 17-57-40.gif

Dec-19-2016 18-04-57.gif

Flex on ’em, Spartan.

Dec-19-2016 18-04-48.gif

Dec-19-2016 18-04-52.gif

Here I am!  Michel playing a bit of peekaboo with the crowd.

Kelly greets Michel on the beach, and says, “I can’t believe you let him go on that last wave,” referencing Michel choosing to not exercise his priority, letting Kanoa have one last stab at the lead.   Kelly went on to say, “I wanted Kanoa to win…because he beat me, but, I also wanted you to win.”

That’s messing with my mind, and I’m not even there…or surfing…or Michel or Kelly or Kanoa.  What?

Dec-19-2016 18-07-41.gif

Dec-19-2016 18-06-11.gif


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