Top 5 Scoring Waves from Round 1 at Margaret River

#5 – Kolohe Andino Heat 2 – Score 7.0

Kolohe drives through a clean drainer with a double hand stall for a 7.0 and takes the heat win over Zeke Lau and “Disco Stu” Kennedy


#4 – Jesse Mendes – Heat 5 – Score 7.4

Jesse tried his best to slam on the breaks in heat 5 vs Gabe Ex Medina and Wiggolly Dantas but is unable to get fully shacked. This 7.4 seems to be over scored when you look at Slater’s 4.17 in Round 1 but nevertheless, the Brazilian pulled off the upset to advance directly to Round 3


#3 Ian Gouveia – Heat 7 – Score 8.0

Ian “Warren” G the Brazilian Rookie stylishly glides into this North Point nugget for an 8.0 advancing against Owen Wright in the yellow jersey and Connor O’Leary.


#2 Jeremy Flores – Heat 9 – Score 8.10

Flores pulls in and out with speed to burn for a clean 8.10 against Adriana De Souza and Ace Buchan. Oui Oui!


#1 Sebastian Zietz – Heat 12 – Score 10

Seabass hunts down the events only perfect 10 in the last heat of the day. A perfect, backlit drainer across the reef with a “are you kidding me” section thrown in for good measure. Seabass advances to Round 3 over Ethan “Patrick” Ewing and Felipe “Holy” Toledo.




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