Ewing With High Wave Score, Falls to Coffin

“It was eight feet and donging offshore this morning, so I saddled up with a bigger board,” said an elated Connor Coffin, who had just held off tour rookie, Ethan Ewing.

connor gauging.gif

coffin good view .gif

Coffin appeared to be in control, at one point having young Ewing combo’ed, before the rookie began his move with an 8.6, the highest score of round two.

ethan ewing .gif

With a style reminiscent of the late Andy Irons, Ethan “Patrick” Ewing is a favorite among the other tour surfers, as well as the announcers, who never fail to make the comparison to the World Champion from Kauai.

Seconds waning, Ewing forced Coffin’s hand, luring him into using his “Priority” and leaving enough time for hooter-beating heroics.  Fortunately, for Coffin, the Central coast native, Mother Ocean did not oblige the young rookie phenom.

connor finishes .gif

Onya pigs!


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