Lay Day of the Land

After some car trouble and too many beers, I’ve finally made it to Bells.  Eureka!

It’s a lay day, but we still went into the contest area anyway.  On our way in we saw, fittingly, two of our most favorite boys, Strider and Uncle Kaipo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.42.35 AM

Our cameraman was rushed and didn’t quite get us all in there, but WOW! Kaipo really got all cute for the camera.

“What do you think…the contest going to run tomorrow?”

“We need some wind!” said Strider, or more affectionately known as All Weather Waz.

“Will they finish it all tomorrow if the waves are good?” I asked.

“That’d be torture!” laughed Uncle Kaipo.

They quickly had to run off.  We checked the surf from up top and decided to paddle out, so we drove around to the other side.

Guess who we saw…yeah.  Strides and Uncle Kaipo!   “Sup boys?”  They rejoiced at meeting us again.

They were walking to check the cove north of Bells and hang a leak or something like that.  “Who do you guys think is going to win it?”

Strides raises a finger to the sky as he continued to walk to the edge of the cliff and says, “Owen.”

Kaipo looks back and agrees, stating, “It’s a heart thing, not a head thing….Owen!”  Then the two best buds saunter around the corner, but not before giving us one more smile and wave.  We’ll see them again.

Out in the water we saw Kanoa Igarashi and Zeke surfing with Jake “The Snake” Patterson.   I asked Kanoa if he was still in it, to which he responded with a smile, “Nah, I lost to Wigolly.”  Ah shit.  I’d been off the grid.  He then declared he wished his heat had been at Bells.  He thinks he would have won.

“Who you got winning it?”

“I hope Zeke,” he says with a smile before catching a reeling bomb swinging in to clean up everyone except him.

Zeke caught a screamer from deep, and pumping down the line, he was being yelled at by The Snake to, “Do something!”

He was noticeably irritated after that, choosing to paddle almost all the way over to Winkipop for a couple bowlier insiders.

So you got yourself a couple predictions, weather and Champion wise, and a classic photo of the two sweetheart best buddies romping around the contest area on a lay day.  Alright.


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.58.36 AM.png

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