Top 5 Waves from Round 1 at the Oi Rio Pro

We scoured the heat analyzer to bring you the top 5 waves of the Oi Rio Pro at Saquerema, a shifty, backwashy and powerful beach break. There were four heats run of Round 2 and we will cover those when Round 2 is finished.

#1 Julian Wilson. Heat 12. 9.77

The backwash was wreaking havoc all day in Brazil, catching seasoned vets off guard and leading to dig rails up and down the beach. Julian, in the last heat of the day, took advantage of the backwash with a perfectly timed closing maneuver that utilized the backwash to propel his fins out the back.


#2. Yago Dora. Heat 6. 9.27

Brazilian wildcard Yago Dora takes to the air for a 9.27 but failed to secure a victory of John John and Miguel Pupo in Round 1. The 20 year old Volcom rider hail mary’ed this backside rotation and claimed it in true Brazilian fashion before laying down in the whitewash.


#3 Felipe Toledo – Heat 7. 8.93

Felipe Toledo won this contest in 2015 and has been surfing out of his mind as of late. On this right hander, he channels his inner Taylor Knox, laying down two man turns before a quick snap and a tag on the finishing section. He advances to Round 3 with the heat win over rookie Ethan Ewing and Portugal’s own Frederico Morais.


#4 Joan Duru. Heat 9. 8.87

Rookie Joan Duru, the power surfing rookie Frenchman, was battling against fellow rookie Connor O’Leary and 17 year tour veteran Joel Parkinson for a chance to skip the dreaded round 2. He got the bulk of his points on the end section of this wave, critically blasting a backhand attack. The 8.87 gave him the lead for the heat. Check #5 to see if he kept the lead.


#5 Joel Parkinson Heat 9. 8.53

Parko needed a 8.04 with less than 2 minutes left. Joan Duru had the lead and 1st priority when Joel took off on a crazy little lump of ocean, faded into it and set up an inside drainer for an 8.53 and the heat win. He’s been doing this for 17 years folks. A true legend.


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