Good Basketball Aplenty

It’s been nice…

The NBA so far has been nice. Not what we expected, but nice.  It has not been an eager display of athleticism, or a hammer of force.  It has just been good basketball.  There has been an evenness to the game. And that evenness has given way to a pure form strategic basketball. Classic and pure.

Five or six passes per possession leading to layups. Pick and rolls executed to 2. Pivot foots staying put. Flex screens for baseline runners. Low screens, rubbing shoulders, hand-offs and moving defenses like I’ve never seen before.

The NBA of gridlock is back. And it’s nice.

Prime example is the Rockets v. Bucks game.  What a display of up and down basketball. There was poise and movement and rationing. Not one player dictated the result. It was very much team efforts. Had Harden had a better game the Rockets win easily.

The Lakers v. Clippers, another example.  It was infectious and defense oriented. It wasnt not an offensive game It was a strategic match.

Kawhi is the most dominant in the league. Against Lebron, without PG, he proved that.  Lebron at the point won’t work for an entire game. AD is wonderful, but it’s in the post, which means he needs to be fed.  The pace for the Lakers needs to increase.  Cutters need to keep pace when Lebron and AD have the ball.  There was a stagnancy will not win.  It has to be a movement oriented offense. And Lebron cannot run point on that offense.

Pistons look good. Bucks. Suns. Charlotte won one! Pelicans are fun! So are Timberwolves! It’s going to be a good year.

The NBA is nice.


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