Here We Go, Err

Screenshot (128)Wait, what? Are we live?  Damn it’s cold.  Ah, I hope John John John wins this one.  Is it three Johns or two?  I always forget. Oh well.  Hey, tell Slater thanks for these gloves but they smell kinda funny…like chia or kale or something.  Kinda lubey, too.  Hah. Don’t tell him that actually.

Man, J Bay is such a good wave.  Can’t believe Coffin’s been surfing like such shit.  Kolohe doin’ well, though…I think. Right?  Hey Parko, what’s going on back there in the studio…oh shit! Did i just call Turpel Parko?  My bad, my bad.  J Bay is fucking cold, man.  South Africa…shit.

This is like the worst channel wading of the year.  Mick…last year….I should have done rock!  Damnit!  I always do paper.  Have you ever had a paper cut, Pottz?  Nevermind, don’t answer that.

Shit I am such fucking shark bait right now.  Onya.