Ice Cream Cone

Milky one that turns on the inside bowl. Imagine this thing coming at you.



This Was a 7.73

Jersey Matt getting us all a little jimmy-jazzed in our cushiony little desk chairs.  I know I was rolling all over this faux-bamboo paneled floor.

Oh, wait. This isn’t an office.  It’s my living room.  Honey, more chia seed! We need more chia seed! The Serpent King is surfing soon.


Slater, dear. Slater.


Lord Slater

With no regard for human life!

Making quick work of his quarterfinal opponent, there was no wiggle room for Wiggoly Dantas of Brazil.  Combo’ing the Brazilian, the Serpent King slithered easily onto the semis.

It’s been said that Cloudbreak isn’t about how talented a surfer you are.  It’s about how well you know Cloudbreak.

The Serpent King has done his research.