Slater Sends It

free fallin 1

Slater turns and hucks himself over the ledge and free falls to the bottom. He comes up unscathed but his board snaps in half.

free fallin


In the channel, he collects himself and the mic is still hot. Surf Heater picks up this Slaterism.

Fuck that was going to be the wave of the year there and I fucking broke my good board.




Within the first five minutes of the post game show, both Joe Turpel and Strider Wasilewski managed to lay down two steamy implications about Lord Kelly and Tavarua.

turpel strides slates.png

Strider starts us off with, “People might be saying does Kelly have his mojo back, this and that…I think [Kelly’s] always had it, I just think he gets so turned on when the waves are good that you just get to see it.  Ya know what I mean?”

Yeah Strides, we do and so does Turpel, who adds, “There’s something that kinda gets behind Kelly when he returns to Fiji.”

Potter, not one to be outdone, slides in his two cents as well.  “Definitely, when the waves do begin to pump that’s when [Kelly’s] juices are flowing.”

We here at SurfHeater couldn’t agree more.  You three are tip-top, and I’m a little horned up myself.