Connor “California Nugget of Glory Hope” Coffin takes an early exit after an unfortunate interference call in Round 3.

“That’s an absolute no no,” said Martin Potter, as Wiggoly Dantas and rookie, Coffin, ‘crossed streams’ sending Dantas over the falls.  Back at the boat Dantas grimaced in pain as he grabbed at his right shoulder.

Injury Report: Dantas, Wiggoly (Shoulder)


Strider With The Call

Heat check!

“You take the joint like this and then you…” 

“Stridey, we’re live mate.”

“Kelly told me earlier he’s been implementing the famous breathing techniques of legendary arctic adventurer and ice bather, Wim Hof.  He looks relaxed.”

“How does that work, Strides?”

“Like this, hee hee hooo. Hee hee hooo.”


Mr. Skin

I’m semi-obsessed (round 3) with hammies, or hamstrings.  There, I said it.  So it should come as no surprise when I say, Hunger Games Champion/Spartan/Globo Gym Enforcer, Michel Bourez is my warrior.  I choose him as my victor!

If I was Michel, and sometimes I think I am, I’d plaster these photos on my business cards, resume, facebook, instagram, and as my email signature.

Because I’m not Michel, I’m putting going to put these photos as my desktop screensaver.  It’ll be a slideshow.  Only two photos, and they’re both above. 1,2..1, 2, 1, 2.