John John Florence Wins Portugal

John John Florence pulls a full roto for a 9.5 and a win at the Meo Portugal Pro. Strider asks shaper Jon Pyzel “What is John on right now?” Pyzel answers “He’s on fire!”



Double John Wins the World Title

John John Florence is your 2016 World Champion. The surfers surfer will make the history books. The 4th Hawaiian to win a world title and the last since Andy Irons. Groomed at Ehukai Beach Break, graduated to Pipeline and now stands on the big stage as the world champion. Makes perfect sense.


“I honestly can’t even believe it right now. It hasn’t sunk in. I know my mom is watching right now at home and I really wish she was home right now. CONNOR! I have so many people to thank. My mom, my family, all my friends back home. Oh my gosh I am so stoked right now. It’s been a long year, one of the best of my life. I’ve learned a lot and can’t believe I am world champion.” – John John Florence


Coffin Beats Jordy, JJF is Champion

Connor Coffin scored a 9.0 to clinch victory over Jordy to eliminate the South African from World Title Contention and securing JJF’s 2016 WSL Title. Coffin dropped in, got fully covered up to a trade mark Rincon cutty before steezing out in a close out barrel. The final will draw Coffin v JJF in heaving Supertubos.


Coffin’s 9.0