Oui Oui

It’s on!


…not today though.  Pleasant lay day, freaks.


Kieren Calls It

Rumor has it that WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow spent the night cross-legged in the Hossegor Sand, rolling french cigarettes and drinking Merlot. Analyzing, drinking, smoking, forecasting. At 8 a.m., with a stomach full of French wine, he called it. It’s on, he says!

Might as well, bra

The first heat of the day featured Natty “Dread Lock” Young v Joel Parko v Matt Banting. The waves were huge, double to triple overhead and unruly at times but Natty Ice picked off a couple good ones for the heat win.

Parko on a chunky one

With the swell growing, round 2 kicked off with Keanu Asing v Slater v Kanoa Igarashi set to surf. Slater got a sick one, and only needed a 2 point back up score but with the swell building, couldn’t make it out of the mess and settled for #2 to Keanu. Kieren took a drag of his cig, and said “That’s enough. That is enough.”