The Dawn Patrol: Hurry Up and Wait

The boys just kicked off the yawn patrol and are obviously stalling until the official call is made. My money says they wait or possibly run a women’s round today since it’s clean and small. Sunday looks like the day! Slater is in his room freebasing chia seeds after a tough round 3 loss.




Super Awkward Moment…

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 5.06.12 PM

when Pete Mel though he’d surprise these three Brazilian chicas with a Medina jersey giveaway. “They have no idea,” he said coyly.

Fell flat real quick.

“Who loves Gabriel the most?” he yelled as he dangled the jersey in front of them.  “Who can be the loudest??”  All three fell silent.  Lost in translation?  Maybe.  More likely, they just didn’t know why the guy with the microphone and the j-curl crew cut wouldn’t just give them the damn jersey.

Mellower scene down there than anticipated.

You the man, Mel.