BeachGrit vs Stab Debate Turns Violent


Chas Smith, Prada loafer wearing BeachGrit co-founder took to the Surf Splendor Podcast to air his grievances against Stab’s Ashton Goggans. Chas has been poking Stab for a good while now, accusing them of “badvertorial” and their refusal to cover the Quik/Billabong merger.

Source: Beachgrit


Today’s episode is a heated debate between surf media’s Ashton Goggans from Stab Magazine and Chas Smith from BeachGrit. Topics range from the professional to the very personal and tempers flare into a physical altercation (33 minute mark!). Chas’s mudslinging tactics, Stab’s comments section, deleted articles, payment withholdings from advertisers, it’s all covered here. Welcome to Surf Media Debate 2018

Ashton took Chas’s bait and showed up at the Surfrider office to defend Stab and the conversation devolved into  violence when Chas tried to wring Ashton’s neck for talking about his wife subsidizing his writing efforts. You can listen to the whole Podcast here (fast forward to about 30 mins for the confrontation).

Chas came out swinging in his opening statement. “I’m here to shit on Stab…and I want to rip his head off…in debate.”

The debate starts civil enough. Ashton asks Chas if its exhausting to shit on Stab all the time. Chas says its fun and looks up to “Norman Mailer…Hunter Thompson…Tom Wolfe… that generation of journalist and the fact that they are up there scrapping and getting in the mix.”

Ashton retorts that those writers were debating subjects and not just mud slinging The first 25 minutes of the debate can be summed up with this exchange.

“You are literally just trying to make Stab look bad because you have a personal vendetta” -Ashton

“That’s not true. I don’t try to make Stab look bad. They make Stab look bad.” – Chas

Things turn heated when the subject turns into the business models of their respective sites. Stab has the funds to pay writers with healthcare and has a thriving business model. Chas defends Beachgrit not paying their writers a living wage, saying that most surf writers don’t deserve to be paid.

You’re a 41 year old man who lives in a house in Cardiff that your rich wife bought you who’s never worked a full time real job in his fucking life. -Ashton Goggans

From there, it’s on and about 1 minute later, Chas leaps across the table to wring Ashtons neck.

Here’s Chas’s explanation of the fight.

But why? What in me broke? Let me try and explain. I purposefully don’t write much about my little family here because they didn’t ask for, nor deserve to be in, this crazy little spotlight. I am wildly proud of my wife, and daughters, what they do, who they are but they are not fodder for my BeachGrit work. Also, because she happens to be in our extreme sport universe, we keep a wall up.  She never feeds me rumors and I never try to leverage her contacts.

Ashton’s charge was, furthermore, insulting to her. To think that she would suffer a fool doddering around the house posting cheap surf stories is ridiculous. I make my salary through book advances/royalties/film options etc. and even not married to her would still be doing exactly what I’m doing in some inland shack. Maybe Las Vegas. It frustrates me greatly to even have to mention any of this.

No comment from Ashton or Stab yet.

Did Chas get the better of Ashton by baiting him into the show?

Did Ashton win the debate?

Let us know your thoughts.






Kelly Slater Via Instagram: I’m Coming Back

Kelly Slater just subtly announced he was accepting the injury wildcard for the 2018 season after his supposed “Last Lap Tour 2017 ” was cut short following a foot injury at Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.

Photo: Todd Glasser

The 11 time world champion posted an Instagram Story showing a text message conversation between himself and WSL Deputy Commissioner Renato Hickel. Read exchange below.

Renalto: Event is OFF for the year! Last day of the window at Pipe! Thank you all for the support. For those of you back on the QS campaign, best of luck next year, hoping to see you again on the CT 19. For those of you that cut into the 22 for 18, congratulations. Next call 7AM, March 11th at Snapper! Merry Xmas!

Slater: Nice. I’m sleeping in. I don’t like morning heats so make sure that March 11th draw has me in the back half!


Does this confirm he will surf a full season next year? We think so. Still, questions remain.

Will he go till the wheels fall off?


Will he have a Kobe Bryant-like victory send off tour?


Slater Wins First Heat at The Pipeline Masters in Classic Form

The 45 year old kid from Florida who became a Pipeline master put on a dramatic show today in 6 – 8 foot Pipe. Kelly Slater not only gave a vintage athletic performance but also played some Voodoo priority tricks on a Joan Duru to seal the win.

Slater’s Second Wave. 7.17

The crowd started buzzing at the end of the 7th round when Kelly Slater appeared, board in hand talking with John Pyzel. He pulled on his white jersey and sat down at the water’s edge massing his foot.

A crowd gathered to watch the champ as he ran (with a slight limp) into the water and was swept out by the current.

As the late great Bruce Brown put it “Good ol’ Hawaii and the dirty ol’ nasty Pipeline. This is a surfing spot that’s hardly even a surfing spot. It’s more like a Roman gladiators pit.”

Slater was playing the role of a gladiator. The crown ooing at every take off. For the most part, Slater was ripping. Joan Duru and Kolohe Andino didn’t stand a chance.

Joan actually got a good start in the heat. Weaving through a Pipeline left and finishing with a solid roundhouse – still only a 4.60 – the judges wanted more. Slater gave it to them.

His first wave was  a quick “lets surf off these Lemoore legs” barrel for a 2.83. He sneaks back out and under priority catches a vintage under the lip backside bottom turn. After getting slightly clipped by the barrel, he does a little roundhouse as if to test out the foot and give the crowd a little extra. The judges loved it and Slater was in the lead from there on out with a 7.17.

The most interesting wave of the heat was Slater’s third. He was deep, too deep for pretty much everyone except maybe Slater. Kolohe was on the shoulder but Slater dropped in late with priority. He knifed the drop and used his full rail (his board actually looked good) against the wave. He had to hurry his bottom turn, and got a half drawn bottom turn in before being detonated. Would he have made that drop if he was 100% healthy? I’d say so. That had perfect 10 written all over it.

slater twooo
Almost a 10

Meanwhile, Joan and Kolohe were buzzing in the background. Dropping 1’s and 3’s, a mere sideshow to the main event. Slater backed up his score with a barrel on a big one at Backdoor. After getting barreled, he attempted a mid-face slash that – if pulled – would have pushed the score into the excellent rage. The judges awarded a 5.30

With 10:30 left, Joan Duru packed a solid Backdoor wave and finished with a snap for a 7.23. He was within striking distance as only needing a 5.24 to overtake Slater. Kolohe needed an 8.24

With 1:30 minute left, Kolohe had priority, Joan had second and Slater in third. Slater sat about 20 yards from both of them towards Off The Wall. When a wide one came through, Slater baited Joan into paddling for it, and lots priority. The next one wave came through, and Slater snaked Joan (who had lost priority).

The Bait
The Snake

He walked up the beach, directly to Rosie Hodge. He said his foot was at 65% and was dealing with an respiratory infection. Thoughts on the world title? “I hope I’m in involved in some way. They better be ready.”




Kelly Slater Talks Retirement

Kelly Slater joined the broadcasting team from The Restaurant’s Bar during the Quarterfinals of the OK Fiji Pro.

Photo: Tom Servais

Kelly was made to commentate. Part historian, part competitive genius, he can analyze the waves like nobody else.

Near the end of the last quarterfinal heat, which pitted Connor O’Leary and Joan Duru, Ronnie Blakey said “people will be kicking me if I don’t ask this. Will you give it a go next season?

Kelly Slater responded.

I have been thinking about [retirement]. You have to question where motivation and inspiration comes from. When the surf is good, it’s not too hard to get excited. When the surf is not good you got to have a rival or someone who keeps you up at night. Makes you mad. You want to kill them. You want to smash them in a heat. That makes it easier. You figure out ways to win, ways to keep par on that person. I’m probably missing that.

Just as he was finishing his thought, Joan Duru took off on a wave, chasing a 3.23, and they cut back to the live action. We are still waiting for Kelly to finish his thoughts. We are hoping he clarifies his remarks. If he does hang up the competitive jersey lets hope he finds a job next to Ronnie in the commentating booth.