About a 1/4 inch Thicker

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Gripping report from the changing room by Strider Wasiyewwwwski.  Looks like Leonardo Fioravanti (wish i was called Leonardo…..i’m not….I’m Strange Ben) rides a board made by a guy who used to shape for Kelly who now shapes for Leonardo who ate pasta with this guy’s sister’s neighbor, and they both ended up drinking wine with another guy who shaped a board that Kelly Slatener once looked at. Small world Strides. Small world.  These equipment reports are almost worse than listening to Chris Cote narrate a nature documentary.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.png

Actually it’s worse than watching Ke11y finally act his age.  First Kobe, now Taj.  I think this is the beginning of the end for Sir Slates.  Old Man River going down to the Kid from Rome.

Shed tears, drink beers.

Onya? Who cares.

Taj Burrow Announces Retirement

After absolutely ripping his Round 1 heat, Taj joins the Yawn Patrol crowd and announces

I am going to be leaving the tour. I have decided to wrap it up. Fiji will be my last event and I will be done with it. It has been a tough choice and I have been stressing out about it big time. Just about how and when and where to do it but Fiji is my favorite event and I get to celebrate with all my friends and family on tour. It’s going to be my last event so it’s been a wild decision but that’s it.

taj burrow
Legend Taj Burrow Retires

After 19 years on tour while only missing 1 event, Taj is definitely looking forward to kicking back, free surfing, and reading Surf Heater. This seems to signify a changing of the guard following CJ Hobgood’s retirement as well as Freddy Patacchia who retired after scoring a perfect 10 at Trestles

Ya Taj!

Stay with us Kelly