Staying Busy, No Blowies

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And we’re off.  The first heat was underwhelming to say the least.  Second heat live and running.  Julian Wilson has been the patient vet while the other two competitors have been frantically paddling around, taking off on everything that rolls through.  Hardly any lip-strength to these waves, though – we’ve seen both Stuey boy and Adam Melling end rides rather quickly after bogging at the top of a turn.  It’s going to be a power-driven, grindhouse kind of day unless the swell offers up a little more.  No complaints. We’re just glad it’s on.


Bells Beach: Next Call at 2 p.m. PST

Will the boys be ready to ring the bell and start stop #2 on the Champion’s Tour? Is Mason Ho awake? Is Medina getting a full body Swedish massage from his step-dad? Stay here for heat by heat updates.

Mason Ho Carefully Articulating His Answers to Pete Mel